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We will assist you with all questions or concerns about your shipments, whether they are about customs & paperwork, border c…

About Us

The name Alleon Express begins with Noella Parent; a key person in the transport brokers (3PL) industry, who for over 25 y…

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Alleon Express: Whether it’s 1 load or 10 loads, we guarantee to use only qualified carriers that suit your shipping needs…

LTL, FTL Combinations

  • Creative ideas & references; followed-up with “action steps”
  • Money vs time; management of shipments door-to-door.

Saving you time

  • Searching for carriers for every origin, destination throughout North America internationally.
  • Aggravation sorting through which carriers are both reputable & available.
  • Screening all carrier’s insurance & safetly rating

Saving you money

  • Paying one broker instead of several individual carriers.