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We will assist you with all questions or concerns about your shipments, whether they are about customs & paperwork, border c…

About Us

The name Alleon Express begins with Noella Parent; a key person in the transport brokers (3PL) industry, who for over 25 y…

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Alleon Express: Whether it’s 1 load or 10 loads, we guarantee to use only qualified carriers that suit your shipping needs…

LTL, FTL Combinations

  • Creative ideas & references; followed-up with “action steps”
  • Money vs time; management of shipments door-to-door.

Saving you time

  • Searching for carriers for every origin, destination throughout North America internationally.
  • Aggravation sorting through which carriers are both reputable & available.
  • Screening all carrier’s insurance & safetly rating

Saving you money

  • Paying one broker instead of several individual carriers.

Kirkland Old Timers

Annual Hockey Tournament

Donates to various causes such as: Hospitals, Diabetes, Women’s shelters, etc.
“Our mission is to raise funds for organizations in and around our area especially those that provide services for the young and the sick.
Over the past 33 years we have distributed almost $1,200,000 to various institutions and social organizations such as the Montreal Children’s Hospital, St. Justine’s Children’s Hospital, The Mingo-McEwen Fund, The West Island Women’s Shelter, The West Island Palliative Care Foundation,The Lakeshore General Hospital, The Special Olympics, AMCAL, The Colton-Riley Breast Cancer Research Fund, Barry Fanning Fund, Nova West Island, and the Diabetic Children’s Foundation.
Come participate and watch entertaining hockey. We need your support and look forward to seeing you there, on the ice, or in the stands
All are very welcome.”