Alleon Express: Whether its 1 load or 10 loads, we guarantee to use only qualified carriers that suit your shipping needs.

Any chosen carrier hired to work with Alleon Express must meet the following criteria; no exceptions:


Alleon Express guarantees to have on file at all times a certificate of carriers Insurance policy naming Alleon as the specified Insurance holder, namely requesting to be additional insured on said policy.  These policies are reviewed in detail, i.e., cargo deductibles, and any exclusions on policies, being certificate holder.

Carriers must be up to date with all legal aspects such as, CTPAT, FAST, and when necessary, Hazmat certified, and Canadian    & US Bonded.

  • Safety ratings above average
  • Fair & promptness in claim ratios
  • Clean and well maintained equipment
  • Professional & courteous drivers
  • Open communication lines available to both drivers & customers for tracings
  • Dedication to work with Alleon to prevent any unnecessary or costly delays of cargo in transit